Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Report: 12/14/11

My return trip is taking longer than expected.

Ire is being his usual lackluster self and has done nothing.

Skoll and Coyote’s whereabouts are yet unknown.

Thia is, as far as I can tell, doing as much as she can under the circumstances.

Safe House. First off, someone come up with a better name for the safe house than “Safe House.” Secondly, Thia, and possibly Ire, have installed everything required to make the Safe House livable, as well as Wi-Fi. The defenses are currently lacking, but that shall be rectified soon enough.


  1. Tch. You will be happy to know that I think I have found the newbie.

    I vote the house be called Helheim.

  2. As for the house name, I suggest Colton, Cardew, Darnell, or the Mansion

  3. Excellent. When can you two be expected back?