Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am Ao, also known as Blue or Caeruleus.

Allow me to make one thing perfectly clear: I am not some low-level underling that can be ordered around by every Handler that happens by. My current rank may lack an official title, but know that I am higher ranking than a Handler. I merely choose to be out in the field doing Father’s work rather than sitting back and ordering the underlings around all day.

I used to be the leader of a semi-competent squad. Due to a series of unfortunate events that were in no way shape or form my fault, my entire team was slaughtered.

After the death of my former teammates I became somewhat of a lone wolf. Soon after that I came upon a fellow Sibling by the name of Skoll. We worked together for two years and avoided His politics altogether.

Recently, Father assigned us to a reject-squad and made me their leader. From what I gather, this is a test for us, or, more specifically, me. We are now dwelling in what resembles a run down military base that I shall ironically name the Mansion.

I cannot say I am happy with this turn of events, but Father’s will be done.

The reason for the separate blog is merely that I may feel the need to write about something not work-related, and I do not wish to take up space on the other blog by posting about things irrelevant to my work. I am also told that any post on this blog I label “Report” goes directly through to my superiors, as opposed to going through the chain of command. Why the reports on the other blog need to go through a chain of command before reaching my superiors is beyond me.


  1. You went with “Ao” because it’s easier to type, I’m guessing.

  2. "Father's will be done." -sigh- Oh lord, another one of you..